Ah literary devices! You and your group members will identify common literary devices in the novel. You should include the name of the literary device as well as examples of the literary device as it occurs in the book. You should also add a brief sentence where you explain to your group members how the literary device appears in the quote you chose (for example: if it's a simile, what two things are being compared?)

(Max edits for credit: 10)

"'What use for?'" asks my mother, jiggling the table with her hand. 'you put something else on top, everything fall down. Chunwang chihan." (178)
I think the author used foreshadowing here to foreshadow the collapse of Lena's and Harold's marriage.

"...she backed out of the room, stunned, as if she were blowing away like a small brown leaf, thin, brittle, lifeless."(153)
The author used a simile here to show how hurt Suyuan Woo is when June, her daughter, said, "Then I wish I'd never been born! I wish I were dead! Like them."(153)

"I see it right away: the marble end table collapsed on top of its spindly black legs... 'Fallen down,' she says simply...'It doesn't matter,' I say and I started to pick up the broken glass shards. 'I knew it would happen.' 'Then why don't stop it?' asks my mother. And it's such a simple question.
Lena's and Harold's marriage is being compared to an unstable table that has no practical use.

"And then one day my mother was watching the Ed Sullivan show on TV."
The author is adding things people know about to make the book easy to empathize with.

Rhetorical Questions:
"I wanted my children to have the best combination: American circumstances and Chinese character. How could I know these things do not mix?" (pg. 254)
The Author does not really want you to answer the question she just wants the thought be circulating throughout your mind, so as the book goes on you can be reminded of what she had already stated.